Our youth remain paramount to our decision making in providing for special programs and education alternatives.


Strong leaders ensure the strength and vitality of our communities and natural resources

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Governance Address Release

Magnetawan First Nation Governance Address

Listen to Patrick Madahbee, Commissioner on Governance with this important time-sensitive message to the people of the Magnetawan First Nation.

You support employment for our community and we are expanding on our commitment through innovative resource management.

Strong leadership is vital to our growth and future. We remember our ancestors and ensure our youth carry this history with them our future is our future!

Our Community continues to support one another. Through these difficult times of COVID-19, we remain vigilant in protecting our seniors and children alike. Community is about taking care of each other.

Our mission extends beyond the Magnetawan First Nation and into the communities that we serve.

We continue to develop our natural resources to provide innovation long term employment to our community. Developing our lands with special care to conservation is what we are and represent.


Improving Wellness Through Technology

Technology places a bigger part in everyone's day-to-day lives. We have provided this website to improve our communications with everyone on and off reservation. We continue to strive to find new ways to communicate ... join us and we hope you come back often. Your contributions are welcome!

Special Programs and Visits

Our wellness centers often have special guest professionals who provide on-point care based on their specialties. We care.

Wild About Turtles

Whether it's caring for all those we serve to turtles, our staff are the best! Recently, as part of our turtle egg incubation program, we released many turtles back into the habitat!

Magnetawan Health Centre

It's all about wellness! We provide programs in making the right choices in our lives that involve diet, activities, and so much more. Providing wellness guidance for our seniors and youth alike matters.




We would like to thank the Government of Canada for its support, through FedNor, that is helping us steer a course toward economic prosperity. Planning is essential for us to prioritize projects and ensure that we pursue those opportunities that will give us the greatest return.

William Diabo, Chief, Magnetawan First Nation

Latest News!

Environment - Our Lands - 4,714.7 Hectares

The Land we inhabit is very special to us. There is something special about it that is difficult to describe. This feeling, this being "in touch" with our lands is paramount to who we are. But don't take our word for it. Please visit our media section by clicking the button below and watch what this great land means to all of us!

Our Community Scrapbook

Send us your images of community events and what you see in our communities. We would love to share them!

Another beutiful Sunset

Mother Nature means something different to so many.

Turtle Release

Our Turtle release was a great day had by everyone!

Of service to our community

We work hard every day to provide innovative solutions to Magnetewan First Nations.