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Here at the Department of Lands, Resources and Environment we are committed to manage, conserve, protect, and preserve Magnetawan First Nations lands and waters, while ensuring that development projects are done in a sustainable matter.

Some of our main projects at the Lands department include turtle conservation, snake conservation, roadway monitoring, wetland monitoring, and the environmental assessment of our Quarry. 

Massasauga Rattlesnakes, Zhiishiigweg, are a species at risk in Ontario. Here at Magnetawan First Nation we hope to better understand how our snake populations are doing, to allow for better conservation planning.

We monitor our Massasauga population from when they emerge from their hibernation sites to when they return. 

In Ontario, all of our freshwater turtles are species at risk, which makes our turtle monitoring program very important.

Our program aims to support the recovery of our species at risk turtles by: filling knowledge gaps, identifying critical habitats, reducing road mortality, and informing mitigation particularly along roads.

We are especially proud of our turtle egg incubation program, which allows us to give high risk turtle nests a better change of survival. Every year in August we release baby turtles back into their habitats, contact us if you would like to participate in any turtle releases!

Wildlife often use roadways as corridors or crossing points, which unfortunately puts them at risk of being struck by moving vehicles. In order to keep track of road use by wildlife and road mortality along our roadways, we conduct road ecology surveys.

You may see us along our highways within Magnetawan First Nation boundaries, everyday from march until November. We locate wildlife and use GPS locations to create maps of mortality and usage hotspots, in hopes of creating a proper plan for mitigation. 

Contact Us!

Lands Department Office: 705-383-1107 

Mobile Shared Work Phone: 705-716-1919

Facebook: @MagFnLandsandResources

Instagram: @species_at_risk_on_the_mag

Address: 2 Subdivision Road, Magnetawan First Nation, Ontario, P0G 1B0

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